As women, as Oregonians, as taxpayers, we support Measure 106. These are our stories.


“Free and easy abortions are hurting women. They are not helping women. It is not a healthy form of healthcare.”

At the age of 18, I made a decision that sent me and the relationship with my fiancé into a life-altering and destructive direction. Misinformed and misguided by abortion providers in Portland, Oregon, we chose to have an abortion.

Since my own recovery process, I’ve spent the better part of the last fifteen years walking alongside countless women, couples, men, and families who have deeply regretted making a decision to end the lives of their own children through abortion.

What will our legacy to future generations be? How do we view the innocent, the defenseless, our young? We must stop the forced funding of abortion on taxpayers—for the sake of Oregon’s women and future generations of children.

Help protect women from risks, complications and causal links stemming from abortion by voting YES on Measure 106. A vote for Measure 106 is a vote for the health of all women.

— Deborah Tilden, Central Oregon


“I experienced an abortion first-hand, and I know how destructive it can be to a woman’s life.”

The initial shock of my unplanned pregnancy at age 24 was coupled with insurmountable fear. Abortion was pressed upon me as the only answer by my boyfriend, so I made the appointment despite the frantic pleas of my conscience.

I walked into an abortion facility a terrified pregnant woman, driven by an overwhelming fear, desperately wishing someone would tell me I was strong enough to be a mother. I walked out a destroyed, broken, shadow of the woman I had been. Nothing could have prepared me for the sense of hopelessness that came after I aborted my baby.

Nightmares began soon after my abortion. I struggled with PTSD, anxiety, and depression. My abortion haunted me for years, and to this day, I have waves of grief for my lost child.

Women deserve so much better than this gross exploitation of emotion, intimidation, fear and marginalization. Abortion hurts women. Why should taxpayers pay to hurt our sisters, mothers, wives and daughters?

Please, join me in voting YES on Measure 106.

— Elizabeth Gillette, Salem


“Let’s not use our tax dollars to cause more pain for more people. Let’s vote yes on Measure 106.”

I was almost nineteen when I heard the words, “You’re pregnant.” I thought this meant I needed to decide whether or not I wanted to become a mother, not realizing that I already was.

I chose abortion because well-meaning loved ones either encouraged it or offered no alternatives. I was ashamed and it was easy to believe the lies that what would be removed was simply a piece of tissue, that I could easily go on with my life, never looking back. This was not just my choice; it was the choice of a society who promoted abortion.

I did look back in the following years and desperately wished that I would have fought for my first child. The next sixteen years, I suffered from eating issues, nightmares, flashbacks, anger issues and the inability to trust anyone. I couldn’t bond with the four children I birthed nor trust my parenting decisions.

I urge Oregon voters to no longer be silent about the suffering caused by abortion. I urge you to stop taxpayer-funded abortions in our state so fewer women will experience this heartache and trauma.

— Cindy Brunk, Hood River

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