Spread the news
on Facebook

Invite your friends to Like the Yes on Measure 106 Facebook page, then share our posts to get the YES message out!

Write letters to your local
newspaper editor

These tips and talking points will make it easy for you to encourage others to vote
YES on Measure 106.

Distribute yard signs
and information cards

Are you part of a local group, club, or church?
Share yard signs and other campaign materials at your next meeting.

Place a field sign on
your property

Do you have property on a busy highway, or do you know someone who does? 4x8 and 4x3-foot field signs are available. 

Place door hangers in
your neighborhood

Your help is needed to get the message out. We’ll provide you with door hangers and a walking list to reach the right homes.

Make a
no-cost donation

With the Oregon Political Tax Credit you can contribute $50 or $100 and get the full amount back when you file your taxes.