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Your money, your choice.

Freedom of choice is a good thing.

But why should a personal choice like abortion be funded with our tax dollars?


Oregon ballot measure 106 is a statewide citizen initiative to stop our tax dollars from funding elective and late-term abortions.

Measure 106 doesn’t stop anyone from choosing an abortion, but it will give Oregon taxpayers freedom from having to pay for other people’s personal choices.

Why vote Yes? Here’s what Oregon voters need to know:

  1. Oregon House Bill 3391, signed into law by Governor Kate Brown in 2017, was a multi-million dollar bill that significantly expanded taxpayer funding for abortion. State lawmakers declared HB 3391 to be an emergency, preventing it from being referred to the public for a vote.

  2. The Oregon Health Authority reports $24.4 million in taxpayer money was spent on more than 57,000 abortions covered under the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) since 2002. That’s about 10 taxpayer-funded abortions every day. (View source.)

  3. Today, anyone covered by OHP can have an unlimited number of free abortions, for any reason and at any stage of pregnancy — even late-term abortions when the baby is perfectly healthy.

Oregon voters, this November you have a voice. Vote YES on Ballot Measure 106 to stop your tax dollars from funding elective and late-term abortions.  It’s your money, and now it’s your choice.


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